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With our service, you’re a clean winner.

Our professional cleaning services are carried out with precision and expertise, making it possible for our customers to operate their power plants and industrial facilities safely and efficiently.

Our skilled cleaning service ensures your facilities are never out of action for long, thereby reducing your maintenance costs, and ensuring the highest degree of safety.

You can rely on our technology and extensive experience of using cutting-edge cleaning processes. What is more, you can call on our services at any time – we have all the manpower and resources you need to keep your production running at full capacity.

Services offered

Regulatory compliance testing and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) in conventional power stations, waste incineration facilities, and chemical plants

• Mechanical cleaning
• Steel cleaning
• Vacuum cleaning
• Dry-ice blast cleaning
• Air condenser cleaning
• Dust-free blast cleaning (DEDO84)
• Wet blast cleaning 
• High-pressure cleaning
• Routine cleaning