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Environmental statement

The management team and all employees at Gustav Degener GmbH are completely committed to protecting the environment in all areas of their work.

We are experts in industrial cleaning, and make extensive use of environmentally friendly techniques (such as dry-ice pellet blasting and DEDO84 dust-free blast-cleaning). We also develop our own innovative and sustainable cleaning processes.

Environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, affecting everything down to our choice of materials, cleaning processes and technical equipment.

Our objectives: 

  • To contribute to maintaining and improving the quality of our environment. 
  • To increase awareness among employees of environmental issues and encourage them to think about solutions to overcome these. 
  • To promote the responsible use of water and other natural resources. 
  • To help our customers achieve their own environmental objectives through their use of our services.

What we do to achieve our objectives:

  • We train and inform employees about the importance of environmental awareness, in and out of the workplace. 
  • We engage in open dialogue with our workforce, the authorities and the general public. 
  • We continually review the environmental impact of all our services and working processes, and improve them where necessary to comply with, and wherever possible exceed, all applicable legal requirements. 
  • When introducing new cleaning processes, we always look at their environmental footprint. 
  • We don’t just look at the individual steps involved but rather the process as a whole – this avoids any negative environmental impact simply being transferred from one part of the process to another.
  • We check, monitor and evaluate the effect of our activities on the environment, to ensure that our services are eco-friendly as well as cost-effective.

By making this commitment and backing it up with actions, we are making a meaningful contribution to the development of industrial cleaning processes that are both cost-effective and above all environmentally sustainable.