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Dedo84 - Dust-Free Blast-Cleaning

DEDO84 is a cost-effective, dust-free blasting process for cleaning scale from pipes, welded joints, high-quality stainless steel (austernite) and other surfaces. It even delivers proven results on fittings and hot steam pipes, which could previously only be treated using a more complex sanding process. 

The process: DEDO84 is a closed-cycle blast-cleaning process, which means that as soon as the abrasive has been used on a surface, it is sucked up and reused. As a result, significantly less abrasive is required, the quality of the abrasive remains consistently high, and the process has less impact on the environment. 

Unlike acid cleaning, sanding or burnishing, blast-cleaning does not wear away the material, heat up its surface or conceal cracks in the surface that should be investigated. The dust-free process is equally effective on round or flat components. 

DEDO84 is a fast and cost-effective way to achieve far more effective results than conventional methods. Surfaces cleaned in this way are left in an ideal condition for non-destructive testing techniques, such as magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection and ultrasound. 

Because it is a closed-cycle process, no dirt or dust escapes into the surrounding area, and so it can be carried out anywhere. The abrasive is silica-free, corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic, which ensures that surfaces don’t become tarnished after cleaning.

Benefits at a glance

• Saves time and money
• Does not wear cleaned surfaces
• No dust or flying sparks 
• Can be used anywhere
• Environmentally friendly and dust-free 
• No tarnishing or rusting occurs after cleaning

Treating a test surface with DEDO84.