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Air Condenser Cleaning

Air condenser cleaning is carried out using a semi-automated system developed by our company. The process offers effective cleaning even on tough grime in hard-to-reach places.

Conventional industrial cleaning processes, such as high-pressure cleaning, have several disadvantages. For example, the condenser cannot be used while it is being cleaned, the cleaning and rinsing performance is quite limited, and costs for fitting/adjusting the fitting of the equipment are high. If the process is not carried out correctly, there’s also a risk that excessive water pressure will damage the cooling fins. 

The process: the jet nozzles of the air condenser cleaning system are adjustable and the system is quick and easy to fit. The innovative design of the system, comprising a combined rail/sliding carriage system, ensures that the entire surface area is cleaned continuously. The jet nozzles, which are directed at the surface of the condenser, maintain an even water pressure at the optimum distance. This ensures maximum performance and minimum zinc damage. The system is controlled remotely by highly skilled experts.

This process offers many benefits – for example, it allows the air condenser to be cleaned continuously while still in operation. It also thoroughly rinses the area in question and set-up costs are modest. What’s more, the constant jet angle means that there is no risk of damaging the cooling fins, and the water that is used for cleaning (200 l/min) is captured and fed back into the process. This is both better for the environment (as less water has to be drawn from the tank) and more cost-effective.

Last but not least, this cleaning process enables the air condenser to deliver better cooling performance.

Benefits at a glance

• Minimal interruption to cooling performance, as each area is cleaned separately 
• Low set-up and installation costs
• Uses less water (as water is reused later in the process)
• Environmentally friendly and cost-effective 
• Uses less resources 

The surface is prepared for cleaning.